I-sense IoT platform A well crafted one-stop solution for all IOT related functions within your factories and plants I-sense your ally for condition monitoring
Comprehensive IoT device monitoring application for secure asset monitoring and control

Looking for a First-Class IIoT platform?

Asset monitoring

Benefit from smart asset monitoring and controlling abilities across your entire production environment and across all plants

Keeping the existing

keep tabs on the effectiveness and capacity utilization of retrofitted legacy machinery

Smart sensors for IIoT

Make your plant data traceable with I-sense smart sensors, to extend your equipment’s lifetime and integrate it with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and smart manufacturing approaches of Industry 4.0.

What we do for you

I-sense brings together top-class technology to create complete digital special concepts for various business segments and sectors. All the solutions are united by the concepts of ideal asset monitoring and target-oriented data processing.

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Key features


Connect your devices to I-sense using a simple UI


Analyze and visualize data via dashboards and generated reports

Alert & alarms

React immediately to specified events thanks to sophisticated alerting functions. Prevent unplanned production downtimes

Cost effective

Save costs by avoiding loss of production and limit storage costs for spare parts.

Big data analysis

Analysis of volume data, to propose recommandations and diagnostics


Condition monitoring, Real-time analitycs, and fully configurable dashboards

Our expertise in service of performance

Unexpected machine or component failures can bring an entire production line to a grinding halt. The costs of production downtimes are generally far greater than the costs of the actual troubleshooting. Monitoring your assets guarantees an effective preventive maintenance of industrial machines and limits machine downtimes to a minimum and thus essential for your competitiveness. By monitoring and analyzing real-time and historical data, irregularities can be noticed well before they become real problems. This knowledge enables predictive maintenance and thus avoids unplanned shutdowns




Relevant Data


User Base


I-sense is a monitoring platform based on data collected from sensors, and as we can connect all types of wireless sensors, we can have the required information on the target asset, whether it is an equipment, a tank, a field… etc 

Thanks to the scalable architecture of the sensor networks that can supply I-sense, millions of nodes can be added by simply them configuring on the platform

I-sense supports several communication protocols including the most commonly used in IoT, which are: LoRaWan, WiFi (MQTT, HTTP), BLE, Zigbee… etc.

I-sense afford an unlimited number of entries of different input types per process, data can be collected in real time from process sensors, and also from any other source, so that you can have a global overview on all your architecture in one platform.