Sensing Tomorrow, Securing Today: I-Sense - Your Path to Predictive Precision
Introducing a
Next-Gen CMS with AI-Driven Predictive Capabilities
Unlock deeper data insights through enhanced visualization, predictive asset management, and detailed status and fault analysis. Experience automated diagnostics powered by AI and machine learning, leading to precise and efficient equipment diagnosis
Key Benefits of I-Predict
Leveraging AI and Predictive Models for Advanced Asset Health Analysis
The best quality data to fuel the best performing models.
Auto Diagnostic
Our advanced algorithms are expertly engineered to meticulously pinpoint anomalies within datasets, significantly enhancing precision by swiftly identifying and flagging erroneous or outlier data. Additionally, they demonstrate exceptional proficiency in detecting missing data, sensor saturation, sensor failure, skyslop, and machine shutdown with unparalleled accuracy.
The I-Predict automatic diagnosis module leverages state-of-the-art technology to transform fault detection processes. This module employs seamlessly integrated algorithms that quickly detect faults, accurately determine their origins, and assess their severity. From the very first day of installation, it is capable of identifying a wide array of machine faults including lubrication issues, misalignment, unbalance, cavitation, bearing failures, resonance, and more, ensuring immediate and precise diagnostics for enhanced machine health monitoring
I-SENSE's predictive step revolutionizes maintenance management. Its advanced algorithms anticipate equipment needs, and forecast failure evolution over time. This precision insight empowers efficient resource allocation and minimizes disruptions, enhancing overall operations.
Early failure detection, leverages historical data and machine learning techniques to detect subtle signals indicating the onset of failure. By identifying these early warning signs, I-SENSE empowers businesses to take preemptive actions, minimizing downtime and costly repairs.
I-SENSE offers remaining functional life prediction, which estimates the expected lifespan of a system or component based on its current condition and historical data. This enables organizations to optimize maintenance strategies, schedule replacements, and maximize the utilization of assets.
Unlock the power of I-SENSE to receive precise recommendations for optimizing equipment maintenance. Tailored to your specific needs, these insights guide effective fixes and improvements, elevating your maintenance efforts for enhanced equipment performance.
Our Mobile App

Stay Connected, Anytime, Anywhere

Discover I-Sense's mobile app: Instant insights and real-time alerts in your hand. Simplify decision-making and enhance operations with our easy-to-use, feature-rich tool, keeping you connected to your infrastructure anytime, anywhere.

Browse our amazing collection of products

Experience the full potential of the I-Sense IoT platform with our comprehensive range of solutions, meticulously crafted to elevate your predictive maintenance and online condition monitoring.


I-sense Energy : Energy monitoring system - EMS

The energy monitoring solution is designed to help your business save energy, reduce costs, and minimize your environmental footprint.

Starting From :
$ 0.00 USD
Contact us for more details

I-sense : Advanced Monitoring System

A new generation CMS system with cutting-edge machine failure prevention and monitoring technologies.

Starting From :
$ 0.00 USD
Contact us for more details

Mobivib : Manual Vibration measurement Tool

A Manual vibration measurement solution with analysis capabilities, Offline measurement, and sync with I-sense

Starting From :
$ 3,000.00 USD
Contact us for more details

Wireless Gateway (4G, Lora, Lan, Wifi)

The Wireless Gateway can receive data from up to 60 wireless accelerometers and store up to 1 GB of data.

Starting From :
$ 1,900.00 USD
Contact us for more details

Vibox : Online Condition Monitoring System

A real-time data collector that measures various parameters and syncs with PLCs for enhanced monitoring.

Starting From :
$ 3,999.00 USD
Contact us for more details

Wireless Vibration & Temperature Sensor

A high-resolution wireless vibration and Temperature sensor capable of detecting all types of faults.

Starting From :
$ 299.00 USD
Contact us for more details
Our Services

Discover I-Sense's customized services tailored to your Company.

Elevate Your Predictive Maintenance Processes with Our Tailored Services

System Commissioning Service

Professionally managed on-site installation, supervision, parameterization, and commissioning services.

Expert Remote Diagnostics Service

Asset Remote Diagnostics Service, by our certified experts, for proactive monitoring and actionable insights.

Third party system integration

Seamlessly integrate data from I-sense's systems with your preferred platforms, including PI (OsiSoft), SAP, and others.

Overcome Major Production Hurdles Effortlessly

We work alongside our clients, delivering strategic insights to eliminate downtime and enhance production efficiency

Reducing Unexpected Breakdowns


Maintenance & Spare Parts Costs Savings


Rapid ROI Achieved in Just Months


Diagnostic Accuracy in Asset Health Assessment

Trusted by 32+ companies around the world

Hear Directly from our Delighted Clients

Read firsthand experiences from our valued clients and discover why they choose I-Sense for their predictive maintenance needs.

“Our downtime has plummeted, ensuring uninterrupted operations. Whether accessing insights on the app or overseeing operations from the control room, we maintain full control at all times”


Maintenance Manager

Mobivib's ROI is remarkable. These tools have been pivotal in enabling a thorough diagnosis of our machine health, leading to substantial improvements in our operations


Digital Transformation Manager

Over the years, their periodic vibrational analysis of our equipment has significantly improved our assets availability and saved us costs in production and maintenance. Excited for future projects!

ARJOUNI Mohammed

Industrial director

“We've achieved unparalleled efficiency in fault detection. The monitoring and alarm system we use provides exact insights, which allows us to proactively tackle issues and enhance our operations.”


Mill Reliability Manager

“Safety is our top priority, and I-Sense have been instrumental in minimizing risks. The system ensure we're always alerted to any potential hazards, enabling us to take immediate action .”


Maintenance Manager

“The online monitoring and automatic diagnosis module have transformed our approach to maintenance, allowing us to minimize shutdowns and ensure the functioning of our clients' operations .”

GRAR Mohammed

Head of E-measure
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