I-SENSE FOR CONDITION-BASED MAINTENANCEReduce unplanned machine downtime and maximize overall equipment effectiveness

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Organizations are significantly overspending on preventive maintenance. Monthly filter replacements, fluid changes, and technician travel to remote locations require a large chunk of a business budget — and the maintenance may not be necessary.

Monitoring your equipment creates transparency that will lead to greater efficiency and reliable service for your customer base. Use the I-SENSE platform as your cloud foundation to collect, organize, report and respond to data so you can create more value for your customers.


Unexpected rotating or fixed equipment failure can result in significant production losses, or worse, environmental or human losses for a company. Avoiding this type of failure is therefore at the top of the priority list for Maintenance Managers.

When predictive maintenance is working effectively as a maintenance strategy, maintenance is only performed on machines when it is required. That is, just before failure is likely to occur. However there are several pieces of the puzzle that need to be put in place before there is a fully working predictive maintenance system. Machines, devices, sensors and people need to connect and communicate with one another seamlessly. There needs to be a virtual copy of the physical world in order to make sense of all the data to conceptualize the information. The most sophisticated solution technologies, such as AI, need to be deployed to support decision making and problem solving, making cyber systems as autonomous as possible.


A best in class preventative maintenance and inspection program comes down to intervals. But when is the right time to conduct routine maintenance? Is it when the manufacturer says it’s time, or when the plant says it’s time?

I-sense came up with a whole maintenance solution package for real time asset health monitoring, vibration analysis and predictive maintenance applying machine learning and optimization in order to correct the trajectory and minimize the average downtime of the system.


With I-sense predictive maintenance programs you ensure that a piece of equipment requiring maintenance is only shut down right before imminent failure. This reduces the total time and cost spent maintaining equipment.

I-sense helps optimizing the usage of your maintenance resources. By knowing when a certain part will fail, maintenance managers can schedule maintenance work only when it is actually needed, simultaneously avoiding excessive maintenance and preventing unexpected equipment breakdown. It lowers operational costs, minimizes downtime issues, and improves overall asset health and performance.

By the numbers :

  • 25%-30% reduction in maintenance costs
  • 70%-75% decrease of breakdowns
  • 35%-45% reduction in downtime
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I started using I-sense and it provides all the necessary tools for my day-to-day job, inclusing vibration and spectrum analysis, battery levels monitoring, notifications of alerts, etc. I highly recommend the solution to all veterans of the field

Grar Mohammed
CAT III certified vibration analyst, OCP Maintenance Solutions

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