Energy monitoringMonitor, analyze and optimize energy consumption wherever you are.

Monitor, analyze and optimize energy consumption wherever you are.

The energy transition has reached the next level: more than just a shift to cleaner resources, we are now witnessing a new world of digitally enabled technologies and services leading to unprecedented opportunities for both energy users and the energy system at large.

I-Sense Energy Monitoring Solution offers an all-inclusive software service that enables organizations and institutions to attain substantial enhancements on efficient energy usage while reducing conservation effects, energy consumption and functioning expenses.


To establish an enterprise energy monitoring system, which transmits various energy consumption data, such as water, electricity, steam, nitrogen and gas, from each production branch to the energy dispatch center in real time, in order to understand the energy consumption status in time and make a reasonable dispatch.


I-sense optimizes energy use, reduce losses and save cost with efficient energy monitoring, With I-Sense Core IoT Connectivity Module enabling you to connect and collect date from a wide range of sensors, big data analytics and artificial intelligence power, the solution can enable enormous energy-saving prospects.


Detects abnormal patterns

Detect early anomalies and abnormal patterns that can indicate potential failures and help with risk limitation.

Optimizes cost and comfort

It manages energy consumption conferring to economic and commercial standards, resulting in reduced energy costs and increased occupant comfort.

Remote centralized management

It provides centralized monitoring with the ability to control in real-time and even automatize actions in order to simplify energy conservation efforts.

Energy efficient

It helps organizations to reduce expenditure on energy by not cutting down on the usage but optimizing energy use and preventing losses.

Improved sustainability

The amalgamation of this system reduces maintenance and operations costs, which results in continued savings.

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I started using I-sense and it provides all the necessary tools for my day-to-day job, inclusing vibration and spectrum analysis, battery levels monitoring, notifications of alerts, etc. I highly recommend the solution to all veterans of the field

Grar Mohammed
CAT III certified vibration analyst, OCP Maintenance Solutions

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