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I-sense mobile app

I-sense mobile app offers an intuitive user interface and contains clear and actionable information. It uses alerts to show when something is wrong and offers insight on corrective actions to be taken. If the operation needs additional support in this area, I-sense mobile offers remote engineering support and timely, expert data analysis can equip operation teams with actionable solutions.

I-SENSE mobile app provides your fingers with 24/7 access and convenience. If you want to know about the stats of your asset, there is no need to find a desktop nearby, just simply grab your smartphone and you can access all the functionalities offered by I-SENSE.


You can monitor all your assets from your pocket


Convenience, Real-Time Access, Ease of use are some features of I-SENSE Mobile. It has taken the Asset Management Software to a higher level expanding it for usage, maintenance, and tracking of assets.

Asset management mobile app has become an important, effective, and efficient tool for companies. As most of the organizations work and deal, in or around assets, it is more appropriate to manage all the belonging systematically.

Monitoring within everyone's reach

Assets must perform at their best over their whole lifespan. In several sectors, asset management entails preparing different scenarios to meet changing targets. This is particularly true in industrial sectors and could be reached if you can monitor the whole park of assets from a mobile application

From I-sense mobile app you can visualize vibration signal in addition to other sensors data from any measure points on any asset, so you can keep the tracking on your machines health and intervene before the breakdown.

I-sense mobile can bring you a breathtaking experience with the AR tools, you can visualize data from sensors, information about the equipment just by scanning tags generated by I-sense platform.

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I started using I-sense and it provides all the necessary tools for my day-to-day job, inclusing vibration and spectrum analysis, battery levels monitoring, notifications of alerts, etc. I highly recommend the solution to all veterans of the field

Grar Mohammed
CAT III certified vibration analyst, OCP Maintenance Solutions

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