Augmented reality

The collected data from sensors could be visualized using augmented reality in any devices like smart glasses, tablets, or smartphones. The user will be able to see a visual overlay of the collected data which gives the health information of the machines that help them to infer whether a component is to be replaced or not. Thus, continuous evaluation is made possible and minute defects can be detected before the occurrence of a catastrophic breakdown.

Thanks to Augmented reality principles, I-SENSE mobile provides the ability for field agents to gain access to a wealth of knowledge about assets with little to no overhead, with two types of applications:

In site visualization: display sensors data in augmented reality world. Provide step by step animations of maintenance operations simulation.

Indoor: visualize a digital copy of the asset and navigate to details (to equipment and measure points).

Industrial AR

Remote Collaboration

Industrial professionals must frequently collaborate with other remote experts. Using AR, they can now connect more effectively with their peers. AR applications allow users to connect with remote experts through video calls and receive guidance in real time

Maintenance operations

Traditionally, the workers would need to rely on printed instructions and memorize the necessary steps.  AR applications, in contrast, can take these instructions and make them easily visible in the worker’s field of view. As workers move on from one step to another, the application provides them with necessary guidance.


The working environment can be very sensitive for the operator. The exact location of information and the precise detail “in situ” of risk areas allow for increased vigilance, limiting accidents. With Augmented Reality, interventions on elements that are dangerous for the operator (e.g. chemical products/electricity) are made safer thanks to the identification of the elements on which to intervene.


In order to create effective training programs with large field-of-view and complete immersion, AR has now emerged as a key tool for training programs as well.  With AR’s ability to create a see-through effect, and merge real and virtual worlds, it can help create interactive training sessions.


I-sense AR tools


Marker systems that can be fixed to equipment and scanned using I-sense application to facilitate the  appearance of virtual sensor data

Assets recognition

Using 3D scanned assets we construct a mesh of points that may be recognizable without the use of any tag, these 3D models can be used in operations and process instructions


Displaying GeoAR augmentation to help inspectors locate equipment and suggest optimal road during rounds. Helps locating assembly points and how to get there


Displaying in-site instructive content: Videos, 3D Animations (Interactive content) that can display Sequences of reparation, Functioning explained

Augment your reality with I-sense