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I-sense platform enables granular control of several connected objects and networks. This “data aggregator” is becoming a must for all sectors seeking to manage their assets. I-sense brings together a set of services that enable the collection, storage, correlation, analysis, and exploitation of data. It thus refers to the supporting software that connects the entire IoT system, facilitating communication, data flow, device management and application functionality. The platform connects devices to a cloud through flexible connectivity options, while supporting scalability and cross-device compatibility. It can also serve as middleware when connecting remote devices to user applications (or other devices) while managing the interactions between the hardware and application layers.


IoT-driven condition monitoring utilizes the data about various equipment (current, vibration, pressure, etc.) and ambient (e.g., temperature, humidity, etc.) parameters. This data can be fetched from sensors attached directly to the equipment components or placed nearby.


A data lake allows storing all of the raw sensor data from multiple pieces of equipment and their components without having to cleanse and process it beforehand


I-sense data analytics turn time-series sensor data into insights about equipment condition. For that, sensor readings from the big data warehouse are run through analytics algorithms. The findings are visualized and communicated to the solution users via user applications.

Forecasts & recommendations

Predictive maintenance uses the data fetched with continuous equipment condition monitoring to forecast whether the equipment is likely to fail within a certain timeframe performing with a certain load, predict potential failure points, and proactively provide recommendations to maintenance personnel.

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I started using I-sense and it provides all the necessary tools for my day-to-day job, inclusing vibration and spectrum analysis, battery levels monitoring, notifications of alerts, etc. I highly recommend the solution to all veterans of the field

Grar Mohammed
CAT III certified vibration analyst, OCP Maintenance Solutions

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