About Us

With technical expertise in monitoring for predictive maintenance and the architecture that I-sense offers for data collection of pressure, power consumption, vibration, temperature, speed and many other parameters in real time, the user will have visibility of their entire system and equipment health by setting thresholds based on a set of rules, anomalies, as well as errors and outliers, are detected in a targeted manner to provide early warnings.

We offer a highly scalable cloud-based IoT platform that allows devices to securely connect and exchange information in real-time..

Why choose us


Handle millions of end point devices. Once the basic architecture components are in place, the solution can be ramped up with analytics and user applications


Ensures data privacy and prevents threats. I-sense ensure the security and protection of your data with our standard encryption features and gateway to various cloud solutions.


Depending on the business needs, an established condition monitoring solution can be customized with advanced architecture components.

Big data

Handles very large volume of data. Along with the sensor data, a big data warehouse stores relevant contextual information (equipment maintenance history, recommended operating parameters, fetched from enterprise systems).


Although the peculiarities of implementation differ depending on the manufacturer and the type of equipment they use, I-sense offers a simple and friendly user interface

End to end

From edge to application, I-sense will integrate machine and sensor data, and take them from the field to the application level

Our mission

With the right implementation approach, IoT-enabled condition monitoring acquires advanced capabilities, including deeper analytics and control, and becomes a springboard for future IoT initiatives, driving improvements at each implementation stage.

Our offered solution

I-sense solution for Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance can be used in various areas. In most cases, it is implemented where machines and equipment are in use. I-sense provides support where data is concerned: to enable the monitoring of processes and machine status without interfering with the existing automation

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